Building a safe and more resilient community

Substance Abuse and Suicide Prevention

Healthy and productive communities start with healthy and productive people. We want to support the Platte County community with proactive solutions to reduce substance use and abuse as well as suicide

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Platte County CARES is a coalition of professionals and citizens aiming to prevent the misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, vaping and other drugs and to promote mental health and suicide prevention. Using an evidence-based approach, the coalition identifies prevention needs within Platte County and organizes available resources to address them.


To prevent substance abuse and suicides and to improve mental health for everyone in Platte County, leading to a healthier community.

Our Goals

  1. Promote public action and policies that provide funding and support for evidence-based programs related to substance use and suicide prevention, reduction, and intervention;
  2. Establish and strengthen collaborations that support our mission and vision;
  3. Reduce substance abuse and suicide by addressing risk and protective factors in the community;
  4. Assess the needs, resources, and services related to substance abuse and suicide present in the community for the purpose of developing effective strategies;
  5. Promote and advocate for public action and protective policies that reduce the harms associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  6. Increase community awareness of the scope and nature of substance use problems and suicide; and how to effectively address them through outreach programs.